La Règle du jeu

Welcome to my blog. Each year, I attempt to listen to one hundred albums of music that are new to me (and try to make sure I listen to some albums from the current year). This blog is going to be a document of the albums that I listen to, as well as my thoughts on them. I have absolutely no objective scale on which to rate these albums – just on how much I enjoyed them; also included will be an explanation as to why or why not, my prior history/knowledge of the band and other errata.

These albums will be in no particular order – there’s nothing stopping me from going on a five-album Duran Duran kick, for example (though I got that out of the way in 2012). For the most part though, it’ll just be based on whatever I hear is getting good reviews or what sounds interesting to me, who has a good album cover or album title.

Y’all come back real soon.


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